Chris Howard

craniosacral therapist

Craniosacral Practitioner Profile:

Chris Howard has been studying Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy since 2018 and is a graduate of the Colorado School of Energy. He is also a somatic and mindfulness-based psychotherapist and has his masters in counseling from Regis University. Chris has completed trainings in Somatic Experiencing therapy and wilderness therapy, and he has a background in ecology and the creative arts. Clients find Chris to be consistently compassionate, creative, and collaborative, always working to make sure the therapeutic process works best for them. He has experience working with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens, and offers all his clients an accepting and affirming presence. He is also training his dog to work with people in a therapeutic setting and many clients opt to have her join their sessions, benefiting from her sweet nature and kind companionship.

Chris' Craniosacral Therapy Approach:

Chris' craniosacral sessions emphasize creating more physical and energetic space to encourage the body's innate healing ability. Whether a client is experiencing physical pain, emotional suffering, mental struggles, or chronic stress and anxiety, craniosacral therapy can be restorative and transformative, allowing for more acceptance of old patterns, increased self-compassion around past traumas and life experiences, and greater curiosity about what can happen next. Chris emphasizes a safe therapeutic environment, boundaried and respectful, and typically much of the work involves grounding exercises and techniques for mindful somatic awareness that the client can take with them to continue outside of sessions. Chris understands that many of us are very hard on ourselves, and in response, his style is relaxed and positive, emphasizing small steps and attainable goals, encouraging integration and process over any sort of quick fix. As a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST), Chris prefers to focus on the whole person, zooming out the lens to include a person's entire way of being, allowing for greater awareness of the nervous system's resilience and a person's unique strengths, helping each client find their own way to best meet the restrictions or resistance they currently experience.

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Chris' office:

Chris' office is located in the Highlands Wellness Center. Highlands Wellness offers its clientele a diverse community of therapists. Due to the interconnected nature of physical and emotional health, both Rolfing and Craniosacral therapy are excellent ways to support and often accelerate other health endeavors and healing modalities. 

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