Christy Stricklin's 

Client Testimonials

Security Analyst

I was a little nervous before my first session with Christy because I have advanced rheumatoid arthritis and circulation issues. I wasn’t sure what to expect but right away I realized that her healing hands were gentle and also incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend trying it for yourself, I was very impressed with how fantastic I felt afterwards.


“I appreciate Christy's professionalism and how she is able to make me feel comfortable while she is working with my body. She is a great listener, attentive to my concerns and creative with her treatment plan. I really like her warm and confident approach. I was able to find relief after our sessions and I highly recommend her."

Administrative Assistant

After trying numerous traditional and alternative therapies without success to treat my frozen shoulder, I discovered Rolfing with Christy Stricklin. The positive results with both pain management and flexibility were instant, lasting and helped me avoid surgery. She intuitively knew where the adhesions were and worked gently but effectively to release them. I will continue to see Christy to support my overall structural health.


Christy has a methodical but intuitive approach to healing. Her touch is powerfully precise while always sensitive. The work we did together really has had a lasting impact on my health and well-being.

Middle School Teacher

“After experiencing chronic shoulder pain, frequent sprained ankles and birthing two children, I sought Christy’s Rolfing services. Christy’s touch has helped improve the way my bigger body feels moving through the world! She helped adjust my belly and guts after growing my children and she has helped relieve tightness and pain in my ankles and shoulder. I always leave our sessions feeling more aligned. Christy is wonderful!”


“Working with Christy helped me feel looser and easier in my body.”

Actress and Teacher

“Rolfing with Christy has changed my entire self-health & healing journey! She has helped me learn so much about my body and how to become integrated. I didn’t realize my body could be one harmonious dance, combining movement and alignment. Only through Rolfing have I been able to isolate different areas of pain and misalignment within my body and work consciously with Christy to heal those areas. I greatly appreciate being a conscious co-creator of my health and understanding what is going on inside my body...Christy has helped give me that opportunity! I have learned so much and have finally begun feeling real relief & healing from my chronic pain & body issues. I am now living & breathing in awareness within my body and movements throughout the day...truly life altering for me!”

Executive Assistant

“While I’ve experienced other healing modalities, I had never participated in a Rolfing session. After learning a bit about it, I came to Christy with issues in both my right shoulder and left hip. Following a handful of sessions, I’ve never felt better! With her unique healing energy combined with her caring focus and expertise Christy is a gifted practitioner.”


“From the first session, I felt comfortable and relaxed with Christy. She's able to tune into where my body and mind are and meet me there -- providing helpful reflections and questions without saying too much. She has a masterful grasp of anatomy and the nervous system, and I always leave her sessions feeling more relaxed and integrated, and the results last. I would highly recommend Christy to anyone looking for nervous system-informed structural bodywork!”


“Christy helped me find relief after a meniscus tear in my knee and also after a shoulder injury. I am an avid runner and biker and I am able to pursue my goals again. I am grateful for her ability to listen and her healing touch.”